Activities of Daily Living

Activity can tell a lot about a person. Getting out of bed, washing, walking, and eating indicate not just health, but wellness, too. These Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) report an accurate picture and objective evidence that provide insight into the ability to manage care and live independently.

Respectful Technology

ADLcare delivers caregivers and family members the information they need through a smartphone app, without intruding on or diminishing the loved one’s care and well-being.

The client wears the ADLcare Monitor to measure physical movements and record vital signs such as heart rate, skin temperature, and respiration rate. It is a small unobtrusive device affixed under a special bandage designed for gentleness.

A small internet gateway device with its own wireless connection relays the data to designated caregivers and family members. Privacy and confidentiality are ensured by keeping all data securely encrypted in transit and at rest.

Increasing Caregiver Insights

The vitals and activities of daily living recorded by the ADLcare Monitor are relayed to the caregiver's smartphone or computer. Caregivers can view the wearer’s immediate vitals and activity, as well as long term charts so they can discern behavior patterns and address concerns early.


Available to caregivers through at home care organizations in fall of 2017, ADLcare is currently in closed beta testing. Contact us with a request to join our beta program or get more information.

This device is a non-Medical product that is not diagnostic or preventative. It measures physiological metrics and reports them to caregivers who then take the responsibility of making care-decisions for the person being monitored. Transmission and punctuality of reports depends on third-party networks and is not guaranteed. Device is not to be used to detect disease or to replace FDA-approved medical devices.