Our vision is to make elder-care monitoring as respectful, unobtrusive, useful, and secure as possible.

After working together for years pioneering the use of inertial sensors to detect user context and intent, we decided to put this technology to use helping families cope with the difficult realities of caring for aging familiy members.

Dan Brown   |   CEO / Founder

Dan is a highly accomplished, competent, goal-driven, and seasoned executive in the areas of sales and marketing, corporate development, market strategy ,business development, client acquisition and strategic business planning. He has demonstrated more than 20 years of broad-based experience in building business from the ground-up and developing and implementing corporate strategies via business development and team building. 

Dan was CEO of Sensor Platforms Inc from 2010 until its acquisition by Audience Inc in 2014.  Before that he was Technology Partner at ArrowPath Ventures for eight years and where he lead the investment in Sensor Platforms. Previously he has been VP of Engineering, of Marketing and of Business Development across companies such as Ceon, CenterPoint Broadband, Mayan Networks, First World Communications and British Telecom.

Kevin Shaw, Ph.D.   |   CTO / Founder

Kevin is a lifelong entrepreneur with a deep love of technology.  He has strong experience in startups, semiconductors, business development, product development and team building.  He has a PhD in EE/MEMS from Cornell University, a Masters in Management from Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and 30 U.S. Patents in MEMS and algorithms.  He is also Adjunct Faculty at Singularity University for MEMS, Sensors and IOT.

Kevin was CTO of Sensor Platforms Inc from 2009 until its acquisition by Audience in 2014.  Before that he established the Sensor Algorithms team and ran Business Development.  Previously, he co-founded his first company soon after college (sold in 2004) and worked at Kionix Inc, a MEMS semiconductor foundry as its 3rd employee (acquired in 2000).

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